Yoga Classes

Absolute Beginner Yoga - 60 mins

You may not own a pair of yoga pants, and that’s ok! This super slow paced class is for those who have never stepped on a yoga mat, or have a very sporadic practice. We will take a step-by-step foundational approach to a yoga flow by exploring the postures to build flexibility, strength, range of motion and stability. This is a great class to connect your mind, body and breath. Especially recommended for anyone who finds most yoga classes too fast paced or simply want to take it slow.

Level: Recommended for first time and beginner practitioners. 

Music: Class may be led with slow to mid-tempo music.

Lunch Hour Reset - 45 mins

This lunch hour class consists of physical movements and mental relaxation to help counterbalance the office stressors. Scientific studies have shown that yoga can help lower your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure and make you a healthier, happier person with a greater sense of well being. Starting with warm up poses to help prepare you for moves that add strength and flexibility to your mind and body, and finally a restful savasana and a short guided meditation to help reset and re-center you for the remainder of the day. Come breathe and center yourself into the present moment.

Level: All levels

Music: Class may be led with soothing sounds or soothing music.

Gentle Hatha for Stress - 60 mins

This low light, gentle yoga class is designed to give your overworked sympathetic nervous system a break from everyday stressors. Classes are designed to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take control by bringing a sense of calm and well-being to the mind and body. This class is for all levels of practitioners as we move slowly and methodically through a sequence of basic traditional postures that are relaxing and grounding and intended to assist with mitigating stress.

Level: All levels

Music: Class may be led with soothing sounds.

Buti Yoga - 60 mins

Buti yoga is a powerful blend of tribal dance, primal movements, plyometrics and vinyasa-style yoga. This unique style of yoga incorporates movements that our bodies crave. Our hormones become balanced, our chakras get aligned and we nourish the health of our endocrine system. Buti yoga celebrates your feminine energy but you don't have to be female to practice because everyone has shades of masculine and feminine, light and dark, yin and yang.

Level: All levels with basic knowledge of yoga.

Music: Upbeat energetic music. 

One Flow - 75 mins

This vinyasa flow class is great for increasing strength and flexibility at a slow to moderate pace. The basic postures of yoga will be practiced with focus on holding postures for building strength, while moving with the breath to create space and flexibility in the mind and body. Emphasis will be placed on how to effectively move with the breath while you capture the essence of yoga for overall well being. Elements of restorative yoga and sonic sound may be introduced to bring calm and balance to this practice. 

Level: All levels

Music: This class may be led with mid tempo music. 

Power Flow - 60 mins

This Power Vinyasa flow class incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, physical and mental stamina. You will powerfully and energetically move from one posture to another with fluidity while connecting your breath with your movements.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Music: This class may be led with mid to up-tempo music.

Awakening Flow - 60 mins

This energetically powerful morning flow places focus on awakening the mind, body, and spirit to start your day off right. Move with your breath, strengthen your body and gain flexibility while igniting the fire inside of you to awaken your full potential through deeply rooted yoga traditions and creatively inspired movement.

Level: All levels

Box & Flow with Martesse - 60 mins

Box and Flow is a 60-minute class which infuses kickboxing with yoga. In this distinctive experience, the class begins with 30 minutes of kickboxing followed by 30 minutes of yoga. Coupled with perfectly matched high intensity music, this class is a MUST TRY! It’s a great class for beginners with high hopes as well as intermediate and advanced who are striving for more. Come ready. Egos, bags, and socks are checked at the door.

Music: High energy

Level: All levels


Prenatal and Postnatal Series - 8 weeks

A regular weekly practice of prenatal yoga can; help reduce stress, relieve muscular tension, increase stamina and strength, ease some of the common discomforts of a normal pregnancy, offer time to connect with your body and your baby and develop useful pain management and breathing techniques for labor and delivery.

OneNest Yoga studio's 8-week series is designed for expecting as well as postnatal mothers and is led by instructors who specialize in their unique needs. We provide a peaceful nurturing space where mothers feel a sense of community with other prenatal and postnatal women. In addition to gentle movement and the use of restorative props, this special experience will encourage open dialogue to give a supportive and empowering experience for new moms and moms-to-be.

TRX for Yoga Series - 6 weeks

45 minute class

Infuse TRX straps into your yoga practice with a fresh evolution of movement meant to assist and challenge traditional poses. Build core strength, improve mobility, gain confidence in inversions. With the use of TRX straps, practitioners will feel more confident, empowered and uplifted helping to advance in any level of practice. Feel invigorated as you get a great physical workout and safely build confidence while experiencing the benefits of a yoga practice. 

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