Leslie Williams-Dunn
Lisa Williams-Sorensen
Malinda Williams


Each sister started doing yoga for different reasons, yet have maintained a consistent practice for its health and wellness benefits. They believe yoga should be accessible to everyone with a desire to practice. Leslie, Lisa and Malinda discussed how to bring yoga and yoga education, to a community of people who need it most. The sisters are passionate about communicating the health and wellness benefits of yoga to an underserved community of people, while also providing a secure and comfortable studio for them to learn, practice and grow in mind, body and spirit.


Meet Our Instructors


Lisa Williams-Sorensen

RYT-200, Yoga for Health and Wellness, TRX Yoga, Children’s Yoga.

With her heart set on broadening the diversity of yoga practitioners by making yoga accessible and by offering tools and education for holistic health and wellness to communities of all people, Lisa studied to become a two hundred-hour certified yoga instructor. She studied under the teachings of world-renowned yoga therapist, Chopra Master educator and Health and Wellness expert, Claire Diab at the American Yoga Academy….learn more about Lisa.


Stacy Anuttara Newfeld

E-RYT, Reiki Level II, Sound Healer & Gold Leader/Educator with doTerra.

Stacy Anuttara’s classes are an offering of the heart. She weaves breath into alignment through conscious sequences allowing room for you to find your authentic heart so the mind can land into a state of balance & grace. She is passionate about the mind/body/heart connection and offers crystal bowl sound healing in her classes as well as sound healing workshops…learn more about Stacy.


Martesse Gilliam

RYT - 200

Martesse is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor with a Mixed Martial Arts background. He is also a 4th Dan Kukkiwon Master and a LifePower teacher. In his signature class, Box & Flow with Martesse, he infuses power with peace to create a Yoga experience like no other…learn more about Martesse.

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Tish Torres

RYT - 200

Tish previously used yoga as a means of complimentary stretching to her intense weight training regiment. Her desire to gain flexibility and mobility drove her to flip-flop her regiment, practicing yoga as the base of her training and using weight-lighting to maintain power. Unbeknownst to her was the fact that yoga is more than just the asana or pose….learn more about Tish.


Seth Newfeld

Seth’s classes draw upon his unique life experience not only as a yogi, but as an actor, son, father, husband, brother and friend, teaching from a sense of humor and a grateful heart. He taught yoga and meditation in various studios in NJ, including several schools in Newark as part of the non-profit organization Newark Yoga Movement….learn more about Seth.

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Vanessa Lherisson

200 hour certified yoga teacher

Vanessa started her yoga journey in 2013 in the comforts of her own home and soon began to realize the many benefits that it provided both physically and mentally. At this time, she searched for relatable yogis who reflected her image and realized there was a void. In 2014, she founded BlackGirlYoga (@BlackGirlYoga), an online community whose mission is to connect and build a loving and inclusive community….learn more about Vanessa.


Melissa Kaban

300 hour RYT

Melissa Kaban is a dynamic vinyasa flow teacher with a style born from a background in dance, a career using movement as a healing agent and a long-standing personal relationship with this practice. In 2011, she completed a 200 hour training with Ellen Kaplow of Satsang Yoga and continued training with Shannon Elliot of Onyx Yoga and Laughing Lotus lead teachers Deborah Langley and Kenny Frisby…learn more about Melissa.


Rodney Salomon

RYT - 200

Rodney has over 5 years’ experience teaching meditation, mindfulness-based techniques, breathe work and yoga to youth and adults. His focus is to provide simple and practical tools for any individual to be guided safely within themselves and shine the light in those spaces that have been dimmed over time….learn more about Rodney.


Lisa Ferraro


Lisa was transformed with her first class at Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio. She then completed a 200-hour certification with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn at Laughing Lotus in order to share with others this joyful, soul-lifting yoga that she loves to practice….learn more about Lisa.


Jennifer Truncale

RYT - 200

Jennifer’s personal yoga journey has been extraordinary. She says “It is practice in being a piece of coral that is not moved, even by a constant current.” She is self-less nurturing, non-judgemental and authentic guide who’s goal is to empower people to break corrupted chains within themselves while building a chain of positive sisterhood within the community….learn more about Jennifer.


Sonia Lopez

Certified Integrative Coach, ELI-MP, RYT - 200

Sonia is a Certified Integrative Life Coach and Yoga Teacher who infuses her classes with mindfulness practices and practical coaching tools that will help students make the mind, body, and spirit connection in order to empower them to live more authentic, inspired lives on and off the mat….learn more about Sonia.


Riddhi Kaur

RYT 200, Hatha yoga, Children’s yoga

Riddhi has been practicing yoga since the age of 16. She is certified from Integral Yoga Institute in New York City and has been teaching Hatha style yoga to adults and kids in New Jersey. She goes by the Instagram handle @fearlesskaur15 because yoga has provided her the means to be fearless in her journey of life and wishes to help share this nirbhau (feeling of being fearless) with others….Learn more about Riddhi.