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Tish Torres

RYT 200


Tish previously used yoga as a means of complimentary stretching to her intense weight training regiment. Her desire to gain flexibility and mobility drove her to flip-flop her regiment, practicing yoga as the base of her training and using weight-lighting to maintain power. Unbeknownst to her was the fact that yoga is more than just the asana or pose. After the transition of her father and the compounding stresses of a corporate 9-5, Tish’s soul sparked alight during one fateful YIN yoga class. She desired to heal people from the inside out, with a deep INNERstanding that a change in her perspective could change her world! So why couldn’t the same be possible for others?! She registered to become a yoga instructor shortly thereafter.

Tish completed her training under the astute tutelage of Danielle Mojo and Sara Rosenblatt at Hot Yoga Revolution in Cranford. While there she discovered how multi-faceted yoga can be as a practice and, more importantly, as a lifestyle. Since the completion of her training, Tish consistently expresses gratitude for life's timely and uncanny blessings. She maintains the mantra of "basics fulfill" and avidly promotes doing more of what makes you happy!

When Tish is not on the mat or expanding her yoga wisdom, she enjoys walking through nature, scripting and traveling the globe. She believes the world is too big not to explore and create her adventures along the way! Her vision is to teach yoga and coach students on a holistic lifestyle, locally and abroad. And, one glorious day, she will host her own yoga teacher training program in English and en Español.